Monday, May 13, 2013

Sk8 to Educate!

Sex trafficking…the more I talk about it the more frustrated I get, I see people turn off and shut down when I start to talk about the topic. I have no problem attempting to spread the word to anyone that will listen. I just hope that with our efforts we can really get across to people that “sex trafficking is alive and growing, it is not just happening in other countries it IS happening in your country.”
My goal is to be able to educate others just enough for them to help educate others. The awareness needs to be spread to help keeps others safe from being sucked into the trafficking world.
We have been planning to skate across the Netherlands for over a year now and the following is just not there like we had hoped it would be. I sit and wonder if it is because people believe we cannot... do it or if it is the subject matter either way IT WILL HAPPEN. It would be nice to have more sponsorship and supporters be if we need to prove ourselves before all the support floods in then that is what we will do.

Sk8 to educate, it’s what derby folks do!
Sum Mo Payne

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Any Ideas??

Last time I wrote about the Dutch legislature. I can imagine that it was a though job to read, but for the cause a good start. This time I will not  bore you with this legal stuff, maybe in my next blog because there is a sequel of course.  I just want to share with you some thoughts and questions with you I am pondering about.

Since the visit to Sweden by various politicians on human sex trafficking, and mainly about prostitution, the subject became a hot topic in the media. As you may have read in my previous blog, the Dutch government has to stow quite a bit of work in the field of politics and legislation. They do that and they also report neatly back to the society what has been done and what has been decided. Beautiful....The media is full of posts about human (sex) trafficking. Mostly informative about what has been decided and which path the Dutch legislature wants to follow regarding prostitution. And of course the opinion of the public, let’s not forget about that.
What strikes me about all of this is that there is much shouting about the subject of human sex trafficking but  did that change something on a social level. So a lot of theory, but where is the implementation? Are there visible changes? I am referring to the embellished picture people have about prostitution.

Most people find it quite normal to find prostitutes in the Red-light districts or in other well-known places (a bit more underground). It just doesn’t occur to people that prostitution is not normal. Ask any person about prostitution and you will be told that the girls (or men) are not victims and surely chooses to do that themselves. Bollocks! We really need to get rid of this stigma.

In an open political debate that I attended a little while ago, a speaker called prostitution commercial rape. I think it’s a good description and also true. Sex for money. Sex for power. Would you sell your own body? More specifically; would you let someone else sell your body? Would you stimulate you own daughter or son to do this ‘job’ to gain money or power?

I mean how could we call ourselves civilized and living in a civilized society when apparently commercial rapes are approved. So how do you change the image of the masses? Any ideas (without any bloodshed of course)??

Moonlight Malice

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vroegtijdige schreeuwers

Net een week geleden maakten twee politici bekend naar  Zweden af te reizen om daar het verbod op prostitutiebezoek onder de loep te nemen. ‘Want’, zeiden zij, ‘wij willen onderzoeken of dit een afdoende maatregel is om slachtoffers van vrouwenhandel te helpen’.

Vanaf dat moment barstte de bom. Mensen buitelden over elkaar heen om hun mening kenbaar te maken. De één met nog hardere commentaren dan de ander. ‘De percentages dat 50 tot 90 procent van de prostituees slachtoffers van vrouwenhandel kun je niet hard maken’. Een bekend Nederlands schrijver wierp de geschatte lengte van zijn lul in de strijd om zijn gelijk te halen. Het beroep politica werd vergeleken met dat van een hoer in weer een andere column. En dan de persoonlijke meningen die als paddestoelen onder de talloze blogs verschenen. Ik walgde ervan. Allemaal zelfbenoemde deskundigen die denken dat zij de ultieme waarheid kennen. Of misschien ernstiger, bang om hun hobby op te moeten geven. Uiteindelijk moest Hilkens menig bedreiging in ontvangst nemen. Mannen beloofden haar ledematen te breken wanneer zij het verbod op prostitutie erdoor zou krijgen.

Ondertussen voelde ik mijn bloed tot een kookpunt komen.  Sommige  feiten, zoals het ondergronds verdwijnen van activiteiten bij doorgang van het verbod. En dat daardoor slachtoffers minder goed bereikt worden. Die kan ik niet tegenspreken.  Een schatting van slachtoffers kan ook ik niet hard maken. Er zullen heus vrouwen vrijwillig kiezen voor het beroep van prostituee. Er zitten meer kanten aan het probleem. Dit vraagt om een genuanceerde discussie. Maar de schofterigheid waarmee sommigen het onderwerp adresseerden. Van nuance was inmiddels geen sprake meer. Met deze nuance reisden de politici wel af naar  Zweden.

Feit blijft dat, ook al klopt de schatting van 50 tot 90% niet, 10% al teveel is. Feit blijft, dat er vrouwen onvrijwillig werken als prostituee. En feit blijft dat zij verschrikkelijke dingen meemaken. Dingen die je je ergste vijand niet aan wil doen. Het romantische beeld van de gezellige prostituee bestaat niet. Rood licht staat voor criminaliteit, macht, geld en uitbuiting van vrouwen. Waar vraag is, zal aanbod gecreëerd worden. Mensenhandelaren grijpen iedere kans aan om geld te verdienen en wurmen zich door het systeem om toch vooral hun eigen zak te spekken. En daarmee een vrouw al haar waardigheid en lichamelijke integriteit af te nemen.

Inmiddels maakte Hilkens bekend dat zij het verbod op prostitutiebezoek niet door zal zetten.Wat betekent dat mensen te vroeg zijn begonnen met schreeuwen. Had zij immers niet aangekondigd alleen te onderzoeken? Een feit en geen mening. Of krijgen we nu weer een storm aan geluid dat ze geen ballen zou hebben om door te zetten? De ballen matchen leuk bij de geschatte lengte van de lul. Alvast een tip.

Ondanks dat ook dit niet de oplossing blijkt, levert het vroegtijdig geschreeuw nu nog een voordeel op? Vrouwenhandel heeft aandacht gekregen. Wie weet helpt het de slachtoffers.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dutch legislature still has hands to flutter

We talk about human trafficking, but really, what’s human trafficking about? Do you know? I didn’t (at least not exactly) and I’m working as a paralegal. So, I kinda have a thing with rules and law and all that stuff. Next to being a skater I’m a dedicated NSO and also a ref-to-be. This kinda shows that also in rollerderby I’m scrutinizing the rules with the main purpose to simply understand how things work and how things are to be dealt with. (Of course there a huge fun factor but that’s not what this blog is about). Being involved with this project triggers my curiosity big time, also because human trafficking isn’t exactly my workfield. Soooo, let’s find out what it is and how it’s arranged in Dutch Law (generally). Is all arranged or does the Dutch legislature still has hands to flutter?

Human trafficking is a serious crime, often in the context of a (transnational) organized crime committed offense. It involves a gross violation of fundamental human rights.The main purpose of human trafficking is exploitation with financial gain. Human trafficking is the comprehensive term for crimes involving the aforementioned purpose and objective and where fundamental human rights are violated.

The Convention of the Council of Europe on anti-trafficking of the European Parliament and the Council and in the State Gazette define human trafficking as followed: the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or reception of a person, by the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability, or provision or receipt of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person to obtain for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or similar practices, servitude or the removal of organs. Let me explain: this is European Law and the Dutch have ratified this into their own law in more or less the same words.

One of the crimes within trafficking is sexual exploitation through prostitution. Believe it or not, on the Zandpad in Utrecht and on the ‘red light-districts’ in Amsterdam for example are many women against their will. These women are raped several times a day, every day again and again. Often these women are put under pressure, threatened, misled, deceived by the so called pimp. The man, and perhaps sometimes women, or an organized group, behind the prostitute nobody ever sees. People usually don’t even know what that person (or persons) looks like. The only thing that the outside world sees is a whore .... What people don’t or won’t see is that there is a woman whose freedom has been taken away by gross violation of her fundamental rights.

Previously I have already mentioned the Council of Europe (2005), the Gazette from 2008 and the Directive of the European Union from 2011. It strikes me that the European Union Member States are encouraged to work together against trafficking in human beings.This cooperation should take place in the following areas: taking measures to provide coordination between the various bodies charged with this subject, to establish or strengthen. Member States shall develop and / or support effective policies to prevent trafficking through research, information, awareness and education campaigns, social and economic initiatives and training programs (particularly for personnel who are involved with trafficking and for professionals also involved with trafficking).

Being short, cooperation and performing are the key words for the Member States of Europe and so also for the Dutch.

Another thing that strikes me, are the dates of reporting. Particularly, take the Directives of the European Union.  This one stipulates that not later than 6 April 2015 a report should be issued by the Commission assessing the extent to which Member States have taken the necessary measures to comply with the Directive. No later than 6 April 2016, the Commission should have submitted a report assessing the extent to which existing national legislation on criminalization on human trafficking has an impact on the prevention of trafficking.

Legislatively speaking, and also socially, the subject is really alive. Nowadays and in view of the deadline for the final report, the Dutch legislature has a few years to flutter their hands well.
I'm just wondering if the ladies on the Zandpad still have a couple of years to wait, or might it just be a little too late for them?

Moonlight Malice

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make The Change

The Sk8 the Netherlands group knows that it only takes one person with a goal to take a stand (or a skate) to make a change. But we have 4 people and tons of supporters already who are looking to help us along the way and be part of the change.

Sex trafficking is growing at such a large rate that if it continues at this rate it will be the largest illegal industry. Right now, sex trafficking comes in at number 2 right under drug trafficking.
It is almost unbelievable the amount of people that are in the sex trade and are being forced to have sex for money that does not even benefit them. As soon as you read that did you check of mentally? Did you think that doesn’t happen here? Or that would never happen to me? Of course most of you did. It is a human response to something so disgusting that we don’t want to believe is happening. But that is exactly how the problem got so big. We cannot turn a blind eye to this any longer. This could happen to anyone. Have you ever watched a show were the victim stated, “I never thought it could happen to me”?

I am not saying you will be trafficked but what I am saying is let’s help educated women on how to stay safe! Let’s not shove this topic under the rug anymore, let’s just talk about it so people can be aware that it is happening and we can save lives. Let’s help out those who have had to endure this horrible lifestyle. Let’s ban together and MAKE THE CHANGE!

The Sk8 the Netherlands group will be making a change, help us if you can, help us spread the word and be your own hero.

We thank you.
Mo Payne and Sk8 the Netherlands crew

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wake up.

When becoming involved with any project that hopes for an outcome of change, those involved must become educated on the matters at hand. I have been personally seeking out information on sex trafficking for quite some time and moral is: THE FACT THAT THIS EVEN HAPPENS SICKENS ME. As a human how and when did someone think this up?! Really, the thought process must have gone something like this as far as I can figure: “You know what would be a great idea, let’s steal individuals of a various selection, house them in prison camps, abuse them physically & mentally and then offer them up to other people willing to pay for them and we make a profit from it”. Who and where did this become ok?

This thought process is not ok. Individuals every day are being taken into sex trafficking rings and we as a society are none the wiser. Maybe we don’t even know it’s happening or maybe it’s the fact we don’t want to think that this could ever really affect us or perhaps it’s because it’s so mentally shaking of a concept that we as a society would rather not talk about it but in fact it’s happening in our backyards, front yards, next door neighbors and right down the street. Now I’m not suggesting or implying it happening EVERYWHERE you look but it IS happening. Face the music folks, this has been going on in our world right under our noses but yet we don’t want to talk about it or don’t even realize it.

The whole situation is for lack of a better word, disgusting. Recently I watched a CNN special on the woes of the USA on the matter and one gentleman caught purchasing a teenage girl of 13 stated how “It was just as easy as ordering a Pizza.” A PIZZA! He compared his purchase of a human being to a PIZZA.  Really America?! The girl purchased like a pizza gave an interview about how originally she had gotten into the realm on her own free will however over time when she decided this was not the life to live it was too late to retreat. The gentleman that currently “owned” her said he would kill her and her family if she even thought about it. She was beaten daily, rarely fed, and kept in a room the size of a closet until a new customer came along.  Now I ask you, how does that make you feel? Here are some possibilities: a) you are horrified and disgusted, b) you can’t wrap your head around it thus turn and look the other way or c) you don’t believe it or don’t want to for that matter… that can’t happen here or to anyone I know.

Here lays the problem:  The average person went with the answers B & C. When something disturbing is thrown in our faces we tend to either brush it off or dwell on it for a minute but go about our lives without skipping a beat. Those that answer A may go about their lives with this new information about what’s happening in the world today, casually bring it up in conversation, maybe research it a little and when they have problems sleeping at night because of how disturbing these situations are they put the thought process on the back burner and go about life having been a bit enlightened. There is another choice folk: The choice to help those affected by this form of inhumane actions. There are uncountable numbers of individuals that have been taken from their normal lives and forced without choice to become an item of lust for profit not of theirs. They are unable to speak for themselves and are quietly calling from the hole of a life they have been forcibly put it for help. Stand up for them. Make a difference to see a change. We are and here’s how:


Sum Mo Payne (30 years old) and PBR (25 years old) are founding members of the Sioux City Roller Dames (est. 2008), ambassadors for the Triple Threat Derby Girls, founding skaters of Sk8 the State for MS and also coaches for Sioux City’s Korn Stalkers Men’s Roller Derby Team. For the last 5 years these two have been making left circles and trying to change the world one skate stride at a time. Whether it be sk8ing states yearly in the US to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis, organizing large events to make money for local charities, hosting boot camps for leagues interested in furthering themselves competitively and much more is what their resumes are made of. The next point of interest for these ladies is strapping on their Vanilla skates and making a difference in the Netherlands.

For almost 2 years Mo has been researching sex & human trafficking during her pursuit to be an adult educator of taboo topics as a Professor and Prevention Specialist. After many late night phone calls, the dynamic duo decided they would like to help make a difference and do it in a big way! Subject matter on a documentary frontier was tossed around and with the help of outside resources a plan was set into place in a ground breaking way to lead the way for this project. The planning stage is the most important and it is moving along smashingly. After reading about Holland and it's problems with sex trafficking, it was apparent that they had to sk8 and make a difference as well to let the country know there are women being forced to have sex while their freedom is at stake. These individuals and many more are being sold and traded against their will.

In September 2013, what better way to make a difference then by the way they and so many others are accustomed too. SKATING! With the help of Polkashot and the Dom City Dolls, the duo & others are going to take a stand or a skate rather across the Netherlands and bring awareness and information to the country by letting everyone know that slavery is still happening and growing right now. They will provide information for women who may be being trafficked and with options of ways for them to get help. This project is huge and the documentary will be even bigger. Their hearts are over whelmed with joy from this project and what potential of making a difference it holds. They also look forward to meeting the Dom City Dolls and other leagues along their way.

The overall Mission is to educate the world about sex trafficking/slavery through information dissemination and high profile activities in order to empower those in crisis to achieve the power of choice through freedom. If you have any ideas or questions feel free to contact them at: This is just a spark of a much bigger picture and only the beginning to something of epic proportions. Ask yourself: If you could make a difference, wouldn’t you?! These individuals feel they can and so they will!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why should you commit? By Polka

Not long ago we went to a play in Utrecht. It was called ‘Red Light’ and the actresses were former prostitutes (link: They worked ‘het Zandpad’, the biggest red light district of Utrecht. The play was stacked with facts about prostitution, topped with a big layer of humor and emotion. How do you become one? Aren’t the guys that visit smelly and sticky? How much does a blowjob cost? But more importantly they told us what it’s like to be a prostitute. How they felt. Both were vulnerable, damaged women with a deep longing to be happy. Most important, one of them was forced. Her name was Mandy. While she was her most vulnerable, she got lured into it. Eventually she had the strength to break loose.

While Mandy was working het Zandpad, me and some others of our league used to live there. She was our neighbor without us even knowing it. At this moment, I ride my bicycle three times a week across het Zandpad to get to physical therapy. Many of the Dolls live in the neighborhood not far away. This means sex trafficking happens right under our noses. An estimated 85% of the prostitutes working at het Zandpad are believed to be the victim of sex trafficking. (Link: This could mean hundreds of rapes take place in our back yards. This is the reason why Dom City Dolls has committed themselves taking on this project and bring awareness together with Melissa “Sum Mo Payne” and Libby “PBR“.

Here are some examples of sex trafficking throughout the Netherlands; In the province of Limburg not long ago a couple of girls with an intellectual disability were victims of loverboys (Link: The term loverboy has nothing to do with being nice and lovable as a boy. It is just a different name for the same concept. Limburg has the highest density of sex clubs and massage salons. In Eindhoven they think that at least 50% of the women involved in prostitution are victims of international sex trafficking (Link: Groningen has two neighborhoods, de Nieuwstad and de Muurstraat of which are believed to host victims of sex trafficking. The best known red light district of the Netherlands must be the Wallen in Amsterdam. Who hasn’t been there as a tourist gawking at the women behind the windows? Did you see sex trafficking happening? Apparently not. But it’s there. (Link: All links are in Dutch.

So why should you commit? First of all this is something that affects us all. Roller Derby is a place where women are allowed to be strong and independent. We choose freely to get hit, in a legal way I daresay. We have each others backs if something happens. We are self confident and if we’re not we learn how to be through the game. Therefore we are less vulnerable. And if we are so strong, we should have their backs.

Second, from north to south we find victims. In every city hosting a roller derby league sex trafficking takes place. It stays invisible. We should bring awareness to educate the masses. We should raise funds to help the victims. Our skating route takes us from north to south through the Netherlands, visiting as much leagues as we can.

Now you know why you should commit. But how can you commit? Send us an email at if you want to help out in any way, organize fundraisers in your town, give us shelter or food, and above all help raise awareness in a combined effort. All will be celebrated in the end with a boot camp in Utrecht! Many more details will follow so stick with us.